Examples of aid actions for the Ukraine

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Janine Keller + Hanspeter Pfister, Präsident RSS

Medicine for the Ohmatdyt Children Hospital in Kiyv, Ukraine

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we set up a fundraising campaign for the Ukrainian victims and refugees. Countless clubs have responded to the call for donations from the three Swiss clubs, and there is a great deal of concern. In an overview, the donation status and supported projects are listed (https://rss.rotary.ch/de/content/news/show/19080). In this article, we want to portray some relief actions instead of abstract figures. After all, we are talking about real stories, with real people, whom you help with your donations.


1. Organization of transport and support of the self-help group "Open Hearts" by the Rotary Clubs of Kreuzlingen and Kreuzlingen-Konstanz

The Rotary Clubs of Kreuzlingen and Kreuzlingen-Konstanz have been involved in the Lviv area for over 18 years, and currently the residents of the Ukrainian city need help more than ever. The two clubs, together with local partners, have had the self-help group "Open Hearts" evacuated from Lviv and transported to Switzerland. After initial emergency accommodation in a gymnasium, 10 disabled people with family members and carers were quickly accommodated in Switzerland in the disabled-friendly institution "Mansio" in Münsterlingen. A great example of a relief action for refugees from Ukraine. Here (https://rotary2000.ch/de/content/news/show/18748) you can find the whole report.


2. Financial support of the non-profit organization "Human Front Aid"

Rotary supports the non-profit organization "Human Front Aid" founded by Swiss Bänz Margo. Margot fled Odessa himself after the outbreak of the war. However, he did not go back to Switzerland, but stayed in Moldova, where he started helping other refugees. Shortly after, he founded Human Front Aid, funding relief supplies and evacuations from Odessa, Nikolajev and Kherson. When Margot DG Ursula Schoepfer asked for help, the Rotary Foundation Switzerland decided to support Human Front Aid with three times 10'000 Swiss Francs. Margot personally thanked Ursula Schoepfer for the urgently needed financial help. On the website of Human Front Aid (https://humanfrontaid.org/) you can find more information about the NPO.


3. RC Zurich Plus supports "Hilfswerk Ukraine"

Shortly after the outbreak of the war, the Rotary Club Zurich Plus decided to provide rapid aid to Ukraine itself. After examining various projects, the club decided to focus its support on the Hilfswerk Ukraine (https://www.hilfswerk-ukraine.ch/) of Rotarian Dr. med. Jürg Streuli (RC Oberer Zürichsee). Hilfswerk Ukraine provides direct medical and humanitarian aid. For the transport of relief supplies, the relief organization can rely on long-standing direct contacts in Ukraine and with the Ukrainian Embassy in Bern. If you would like to support the Rotary Club Zurich Plus in its commitment to Ukraine, you will find the necessary information here (https://rotaryclubzurichplus.ch/de/content/news/show/18643).


4. Opening of a hostel for 100 Ukrainian women and children of RC Kraków Wyspianski

Thanks to the fundraising campaign "Ukraine" of all three Swiss districts, financial help was also provided to the Rotary Club Kraków Wyspianski. In Kraków, the club has equipped and opened a shelter for 100 Ukrainian women and children. The club would also like to provide a school and kindergarten for the Ukrainian refugees in the near future.


5. Financial aid to the Rotary Club of Kiyv International

Since the outbreak of the war in western Ukraine, the active Ukrainian Club Kiyv International has built and equipped various refugee centers. With the help of a now well-functioning logistics system, the refugees from the eastern regions of the country are supplied with food and other goods for their daily needs. The financial resources required run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - every bit of help counts.


6. The RC Zurich Zoo supports the asylum organization Zurich/AOZ

Through the Asylum Organization Zurich/AOZ, the Rotary Club Zurich Zoo has had the opportunity to provide outreach in small groups of 2-3 people in the various refugee centers since mid-March.

First, the club helped out in the barracks in Bülach, where members could, for example, help with the start-up and occupancy of the accommodations, the preparation and organization of the clothing and hygiene article distribution as well as the distribution of food. At the Zurich Saalsporthalle, which had been converted into an emergency shelter, members were deployed at the reception desk, helping with registration and bed assignment, and assisting with questions. At the St. Peter and Paul short-term shelter in Zurich, the club was again able to work in the kitchen and serving meals.

Personal contacts with refugees were also established, which, for example, helped to find a temporary job for a young Ukrainian. Furthermore, two club members supported two women with two children each in their search for an apartment and the procurement of urgently needed clothing. The club donations were also used to purchase meal vouchers for them.

If you would like to support the AOZ with a volunteer, please contact us by e-mail: freiwillige@aoz.ch


7. Medicines for the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kiyv

The contact to this children's hospital was established via RC Allschwil-Regio Basel. In peacetime the hospital cares for about 500 children, currently the hospital additionally cares for war-disabled adults. The employees (medical, administrative and logistic staff) have been working around the clock since the beginning of the war. With our financial support we can help to guarantee the care of all patients. More information about Children's Hospital can be found on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ndslohmatdyt) and on Instagram (https://instagram.com/ohmatdyt ). 


We ask all clubs to continue to contact their district if the funds raised can be used to support a specific project.

Transport Openhearts RC Kreulingen + Constance

Bus Humanfrontaid.org

Refugee shelter RC Kiyv International

Thanks from the governors from Bulgaria to the Swiss DG